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Is Your Pet Pingable? Kickstarter Launch
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Is Your Pet Pingable? Ping A Petâ„¢ Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Get Lost Pets Home Fast with Facial Recognition App
RALEIGH, N.C., Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows it's a race against time to find that furry family member and get them back home safely. For those who have gone through the expense and intrusion of having a microchip implanted in the pet and remembered to keep their contact information up to date, they hope the pet will be found by a facility that can scan the chip. If not, they are still without their beloved pet. For others, and for the good Samaritans who find lost pets, it's not that simple. Ping A Petâ„¢ aims to change this reality with its groundbreaking pet facial recognition technology--but the company can only do so if its Kickstarter campaign this month is a success. KickStarter Launch KickStarter Launch The goals of the Kickstarter campaign are two-fold: Just $10,000 raised will allow Ping A Pet to conduct and complete its beta testing. Just as importantly, beta users who fund the app via Kickstarter will provide the variety of dog photos needed to rigorously test the Ping A Pet system throughout November and December to make sure it's ready to go live in January. "At some point in their lives, most people will feel the gut-wrenching worry of having a lost pet. The experience is even worse for the pet who's afraid and confused--and who suddenly finds themselves in a strange home or in a shelter full of other bewildered animals," explained Ping A Pet founder Rickey Austin, PhD. "Ping A Pet will let a person who finds a lost pet immediately connect with the owner of that pet simply by taking a picture of the animal. The app will use the picture to match the pet to a picture its owner has previously uploaded and provide contact information to quickly allow a family reunion with the pet." Ping A Pet will offer Basic, Standard and Premium service; Ping A Pet Basic will be free to use. That means anyone who loses a pet can upload the pet's picture to the app, and when a Ping A Pet user finds the animal and snaps a photo, that person will receive the owner's contact information. Though the facial recognition technology is highly accurate, beta testing will allow Austin and his team of fellow pet lovers to deliver a user-friendly interface and make sure there are no bugs when the app launches to the public in the New Year. Supporting Ping A Pet is affordable: The first 200 Kickstarter supporters who pledge at least $5.00 will receive free set-up and a year of Standard service. There will be no automatic renewal, and the company won't start the clock on the year of free service until beta testing completes and the app goes live. Several other Kickstarter-exclusive reward levels of increasing value are available. Learn more about Ping A Pet at and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at